MAN Lion´s City Hybrid

“MAN Lion’s City Hybrid” is the optimal solution for future passenger services in the city. The innovative hybrid drive concept “EfficiencyDesign“ combines sustainable driving with the maximum possible economy, achieving maximum transport efficiency with minimal emissions.

Sustainable on the road to the future - “MAN Lion's City Hybrid”

This MAN hybrid bus consumes up to 30 percent less fuel, saving up to 10,000 litres of diesel per year, and the environmental pollution of CO2 caused by MAN Lion’s City Hybrid per year is over 26 tons less than for similar city buses with regular engines. MAN Lion’s City has received several awards, including the “Ökoglobe 2011” in the prize category of “Vehicle innovations in public transport”.

The main focus of the MAN Lion’s City Hybrid buses is on the dynamic power of the economic Common Rail engine, and the electric drive concept is combined with a powerful electric battery. Lion’s City Hybrid is available with Euro 6.

Technical data

Diesel engine

D 0836 LOH

Electric engine

Synchronous generator: 150 kW

2 asynchronous engines: 2 x 75 kW




250 hp diesel engine at 2300 RPM

Ultracap battery

Max 200 kW

Emission standard

Euro 6