At MAN ProfiDrive safe and efficient driving lessons, you will learn how to properly drive your truck to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%, and we will offer practical analysis and instructions. You can choose between different training programmes in Latvian and Russian as well as individual training with a previously agreed route, time and price of the service. When getting a new vehicle, driver training is free!

Application for training: +371 20448833.

Vadītāja apmācība pie jauna auto saņemšanas

Driver training on receiving a new vehicle

Training duration up to 3 hours (depending on vehicle assemblage).


  • 10 steps around the vehicle
  • Safety systems
  • Checkpoints
  • Lighting devices
  • System operations
  • Connections
  • Air suspension height adjustment
  • Driver’s place of work
  • Instrument panel
  • Control devices
  • Practical driving
  • Basic principles of efficient driving

The number of participants is limited.

Price: EUR 50 per hour + VAT.

When getting a new vehicle, driver training is free!!!

Teorētiskā apmācība

Theoretical training

Duration of training up to 4 academic hours.


  • Influencing factors
  • Types of resistance
  • Speed
  • Health of the driver
  • New driving philosophy
  • Auxiliary systems of the vehicle
  • Exchange of experience
  • Questions, debate

Training takes place in the conference hall of LLC Avar Auto with the number of participants up to 12 people.

Price: EUR 50 per hour + VAT

Praktiskā apmācība

Practical training

Duration of the training is 7-8 academic hours.

Plan of the day:

  • Welcome
  • First trip on the training route with journey data recording
  • Theoretical part
  • Coffee break
  • Theoretical part continued
  • Second trip on training route (with the instructor’s comments)
  • Comparison of trip data
  • Questions, debate

Number of participants up to 4 people per day.

Price: € 50 + VAT per participant.

For the successful training of participants, the training customer provides a MAN brand truck with cargo, fuel and trip computer.

At the end of the training, participants receive MAN certificates for successful completion of the programme.