HEAD — first to own the new MAN TGX in Latvia


The formal hand-over ceremony was opened by Ilvija Veite, Board Member of SIA Avar Auto, who expressed her gratitude to SIA HEAD for the new cooperation: “We are genuinely delighted and, at the same time, ready to embrace the challenge of growing and evolving together with such a strong company as SIA HEAD. We are convinced that you will highly appreciate the advantages provided by the latest generation of MAN trucks, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

“Having undergone rapid development, SIA HEAD has to replace its fleet and replenish it with modern, reliable and efficient trucks available from MAN Truck & Bus SE. I must admit that the transition to a different make of trucks is not easy for such a big and complex company as SIA HEAD, but it was a completely justified decision, and we welcome this new partnership. In addition, we have started the negotiations with AVAR AUTO about purchasing new MAN trucks for next year,” said Edgars Keišs, Board Member of SIA HEAD, to express his satisfaction about the replenishment of the fleet and the future plans.

After the formal event, drivers of SIA HEAD could familiarise themselves with the next-generation MAN trucks and their smart features — the new, turn-and-press MAN SmartSelect multimedia controls, MAN Easy Control buttons reachable from outside the vehicle, remote cabin controls, safety assistance and other systems, as well as the digitalization options of MAN Service Care and MAN Driver apps which facilitate daily work for drivers and the company managers alike.