iF Design Awards for the MAN Lion’s City bus and the MAN CitE concept truck


MAN CitE – an all-new concept truck for urban distribution needs

The MAN CitE is a fully electric concept distribution truck that is close to production and could, for example, be used by parcel and courier services to ensure eco-friendly and quiet delivery in urban centers in the future. The vehicle had already caused quite the stir at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade show in Hanover.

The jury praised the MAN design team for managing to fundamentally rethink the concept of an urban distribution truck, thereby devising an entirely new vehicle category. The designers even incorporated intelligent battery and charge management from the outset. To explain their decision, the jurors described how the MAN CitE turns everything upside down: “The sophisticated driver cab design creates an open and transparent atmosphere in the truck driver’s workplace while integrating all communication devices. The exterior design won us over with integrated functional areas and clearly defined bodywork and style elements.” According to the iF experts, this makes the vehicles “utterly innovative and forward-looking.”

Holger Koos, Head of Design at MAN Truck & Bus, explains: “We paid special attention to ergonomics when we designed the vehicle. The low entry point, a completely even driver cab floor, and being able to enter and exit the vehicle via the space-saving swing/sliding door on the co-driver side means we have significantly improved driver comfort in day-to-day delivery operations. At the same time, the vehicle enables optimum all-round vision. This, coupled with a 360-degree camera system, makes driving in the city considerably safer.”

MAN Lion’s City – the new generation of city buses from MAN Truck & Bus

The MAN- and NEOPLAN-branded city buses and coaches, especially, have become synonymous with first-class design. A bus designed by MAN Truck & Bus has now received the iF Design Award for the fourth year in row. This is something no other bus manufacturer has been able to do.

The jury was impressed with its modern and high-end appearance. The bus’s dynamic yet timeless lines give it originality of form while expressing its modular characteristics. The new city bus’s exterior unmistakably ties in with the design language of the MAN bus family.

As well as the distinctive LED headlights with a light band and the classic black MAN front panel with a chrome bar, the characteristically downswept windscreen immediately catches the eye. In addition to making the vehicle more dynamic, it also helps to improve lifecycle costs (LCC). The MAN Lion’s City’s black rear, which is equipped with innovative LED tail lights, is both unmistakably emblematic and offers ideal access to service providers.

As well as giving the new city bus an attractive appearance, new materials and production methods also make it lighter, more robust, and easier to use.

The color & trim concept coupled with an innovative lighting concept made up of both indirect and ambient lighting create an inviting atmosphere inside the bus, which also has disabled access, thus giving it a generous, friendly, and bright feel. The driver’s workplace, which was designed with ergonomics in mind, also scores points in terms of functionality and aesthetics.