LAU received 9 new MAN TGS snow clearing vehicles


The new vehicles are specially adapted to western weather requirements, where the temperature drops to less than -37 degrees, and are equipped with special equipment for the winter conditions – a special heated device for the electric engine (220V), a pneumatic air humidifier separator, a heated fuel filter, a heated front windscreen and electrically heated and adjustable rear view mirrors. Chairman of the Board Raitis Nešpors states: “To improve work efficiency, we have invested in the renewal and modernisation of trucks. These trucks are multifunctional, with 13 cubic metres of cargo box capacity, and will be involved in various daily maintenance works to ensure road safety and throughput. During the winter season, these trucks are equipped with winter equipment – front shovel, side shovel for snow cleaning and a salt-sand mixer for highway spreading. In the summer they are used for the repair of state highways and the transportation of various loads. The new trucks are already being used by LAU in the departments of Rēzekne, Liepāja, Alūksne, Jelgava and Talsi. All of the latest safety systems are included in new MAN TGS trucks – Electronic Stability Programme ESP, Brake Force Regulator ARS, Line Guard system LGS, EEC Tachograph. Cruise Control, Speed Limiter, MAN Service Care and other systems. Comfort and support is provided for the driver by the extensive and large MAN cab, the viewable control panel, the Bluetooth and audio hands free system, electric door windows, sun visor, roof and other elements.