MAN concern creates bus dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia


“Lion’s Coach bus celebrating the anniversary of Latvia confirms the positive and loyal attitude of the MAN factory in this significant event – 100th anniversary of the country that we will celebrate this year, on November 18. The bus combines the modern futurism, which is reflected in the modern design with elements characteristic of the Latvian nationality – the national flag, the 100th anniversary logotype, red-and-white colour, Latvian ornaments. Everyone who is interested is kindly invited to take a look at the bus in Jaunmārupe,” says Ilvija Veite, Managing Director of Avar Auto Ltd.

Bus dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia has a 12-meter long two-axle version and a 11.7-m³ luggage compartment. It has 51 seats, 49 of which are for passengers, one for a sidecar and one for a bus driver. Comfortable seats are fitted with adjustable head support and high-quality leather trim. A pleasant atmosphere in the cabin comes from LED lighting mounted in the ceiling and automatic climate control. Lion’s Coach has a maximum allowable weight of up to 19.5 tons, which offers wide opportunities for travel and long-distance transport.

On long journeys, every passenger can safely use his smartphone without worrying about the end of battery life, as each seat has a USB port. Additional amenities include a mini-kitchen in the bus with household appliances, a toilet, two TVs and a fridge.

The anniversary bus is the latest generation design of MAN Lion’s Coach that is even more economical than ever. It is powered by a six-cylinder 12.4-liter engine. The updated MAN TipMatic gearbox, already available in the basic version, operates with a universal shut-off and shifting strategy and is optimally adapted to Euro 6 D26 engines. In combination with auxiliary systems it saves fuel and provides up to 460 HP (337 kW) of power. With the power that exceeds the previous version with over 20 hp, and the torque that in the new model has grown by 200 Nm, the new MAN Lion’s Coach allows you to travel efficiently and with full return. The newly developed, particularly lightweight engine room department also shows the innovative design, which received the excellent IF Design 2018 award, and the combination of economy.

In addition, the bus is equipped with innovative security systems, such as a topography that works with the MAN EfficientCruise cruise control and EfficientRoll function, cruise control, electronic level control system (ECAS), bandwidth crossing system (LGS), MAN Attention Guard and others.

MAN is now offering a wide range of buses with the full mass from 3 to 44 tons, complementing its range with the new MAN TGE minibus.