Otokar buses to be exhibited at Auto Riga 2023


Otokar, Türkiye’s leader bus brand for 14th consecutive years, showcases models from its broad bus range, at Auto Riga 2023, on 28-30 April, in Riga, Latvia. With its distributor Avar Auto, Otokar will exhibit its new buses e-CENTRO C and NAVIGO T.


Türkiye’s pioneer bus brand Otokar participates in Auto Riga 2023, on 28-30 April, in Riga, Latvia with its new buses. During the exhibition, Otokar will promote its 6.6 meter electric bus e-CENTRO C and new 9.2 meter tourism bus NAVIGO T.

The buses of Otokar’s wide bus family, ranging from 6 meters to 21 meters, are used for passenger transportation in nearly 60 countries around the world, primarily in Europe. Thanks to its long years of experience in public transportation buses, engineering capabilities, and know-how in alternative fuel vehicles, Otokar has created the ideal product range to meet future expectations. Otokar allocated 7% of its revenues for R&D spending in the last decade.

A compact electric bus: e-CENTRO C

With its compact size, e-CENTRO C offers an environment-friendly and accessible solution for historical districts and touristic areas of cities with narrow streets, and zero emission zones.

e-CENTRO C is available in 6.6 meters. Its compact dimension provides high maneuverability. With an electric motor with a maximum power of 200 kW and a maximum torque of 1200 Nm, the 6.6 meter e-CENTRO C does not compromise performance even on the steepest hills. The bus stands out with its lightness and lower operating costs, providing reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and better range for public transport operators. The 110 kW Li-ion NMC batteries of e-Centro can be fully charged in as short as 1.5 hours, offering a range of 200 km on a single charge. Onboard charging is also available. Furthermore, the regenerative braking feature enables up to 25 percent energy recovery from braking and deceleration in urban traffic.

Positioning the batteries under the floor creates wide and spacious interior and enables the bus to carry up to 32 passengers. Featuring a low-floor design, e-CENTRO C delivers comfortable rides for all passengers, including people with disabilities or those with strollers.

New 9.2 meter tourism bus: NAVIGO T

Otokar’s new 9.2 meter tourism bus NAVIGO T stands out with its high passenger and luggage capacity. Having a 210 HP engine, the bus offers 39+1+1 seating capacity. NAVIGO T also draws attention with its new and dynamic look which shows Otokar’s modern design approach.


Otokar offers solutions tailored to the needs of its customers using its own technology, design, and applications. Otokar, a Koç Group company, designs and manufactures commercial vehicles, including buses and light trucks.