The 100th Anniversary Bus Goes to Liepāja


The Latvian 100th anniversary Lion`s coach bus has found a new owner. It is Rumba Tours Ltd., a subsidiary company of Liepājas Autobusu Parks Corp.

A member of the board of Liepājas Autobusu Parks Corp., Māris Ābers is quoted as saying: “As real Latvian patriots we are of course proud that it was the 100th Anniversary Bus commemorating the founding of an independent Latvia that had arrived at our bus park. The new bus will mainly be used for taking tourists on long journeys throughout Europe.  One of the most important factors influencing our decision to choose this bus was the new features and equipment designed for comfort. After all, the comfort of our passengers is paramount. This vehicle is provided with comfortable seats fitted with adjustable head support and built-in USB port for each seat.”